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* * * * *   February 22, 2011
Reviewer: ErnestoYes

I bought both the School (Extra fine point) and the School G (Fine point) and the warnings here about giving the ink a chance to flow are true. The first 3 or 4 times I used the Fine point pen I was convinced I wasted money on it. The line was inconsistant, laying down no ink for while, then I would change the angle a bit to get more ink to flow. The bright side is that it never let the ink blot and run puddles on the page. Once the ink gets going it's really nice. Other countries & brands claim a fine point on their metal nib cartridge pens but the School Extra fine is amazingly fine for a non-dip pen. You just have to work at it for a while. As for connecting the cartridge for the 1st time after you push the cart into the pointed "filler" piece it does seem to have a small gap between the pen (where the pen's filler pokes into the ink cart.) and the ink cartridge itself. I don't think there is a cover or cap that must be removed from the ink cart. But I cannot seen any reason to remove the cart's darker-colored top piece. It may just make a huge mess.

* * * * *   September 1, 2007
Reviewer: L, artist

This is a good little pen for beginners, or those who are confused/fed up with buying different dip pen nibs. To Mara: On the thin end of the cartridge, you can see a little ball shaped 'plug' - this keeps the ink inside the cartridge until it is punctured by a small 'pokey' bit in the bottom half of the pen. Push the cartridge hard into the bottom part of the pen until there is a 'click' (cartridge being punctured, the ball/plug goes back into the cartridge). Give the ink a few minutes to flow into the nib, and start practising on scrap paper.

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