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Project X 7-Eleven (GN)
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Reviewer: 2gunmojo

This was absolutely brilliant sadly america doesnt appreciate business manga. i know its a niche market. but still it was an inspiring real story and sadly americans do not see the greatness in comics like this.

Project X 7-Eleven (GN)

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At a time when giant department stores and supermarkets dominated the Japanese retail industry, two businessmen, Toshifumi Suzuki and Hideo, discovered a new type of small retail store flourishing in America - the Seven Eleven. Called a "convenience store," it was a concept new to the Japanese. Intrigued by this new idea and convinced that it would also succeed in Japan, the two men put together a project team of fifteen members (all virtual novices to the retail trade) to bring this venture across the Pacific. Staking his entire livelihood, young store owner Kenji Yamamoto volunteers to convert his family-owned liquor store into the first seven eleven in Japan. The hardship of negotiations, the oil shock and the struggle to cope with inadequate space were all met with quick thinking and resolve, culminating in Japan's retail revolution!

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