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* * * * *   April 30, 2011
Reviewer: Kai-chan

I took a chance on this based on the strength of the cover art and was NOT disappointed! Yaoi fans shouldn't be put off by the fact that this isn't a Japanese comic; these boys are HOT and the relationship dynamic between them is too! So, when's volume 2 coming out?

* * * * *   December 14, 2010
Reviewer: DevilTrish

It was a coincidence finding Starfighter, because I'm german, but I couldn't be more grateful! It's so gorgeous, well drawn (HOW DO I SAY THAT I LOVE THE DRAWINGS?! THEY'RE AWESOME! Candy for the eyes, I promise!) and the characters and story is making you long for more! I'm waiting like a madman for each new page and can't wait to have enough money to buy the comic AND pay the shipping ^^'

* * * * *   December 19, 2010
Reviewer: Fan of a story

Definitely well worth the time to read and the money to obtain, the story is very well written and leads towards intriguing questions that make this one hard read to pull away from. The art of course is beautiful and contrasting, unlike many yaoi novels all the characters are very distinct making it difficult to mistake one character for another.

* * * * *   December 2, 2010
Reviewer: Mikel

Incredible read. The graphics are top-notch yet hold a gritty element which is then mirrored in the text. Love it!

* * * * *   December 21, 2010
Reviewer: Jane

Fantastico manga yaoi. Los colores estan bien usados , no hay problemas en el dibujo en especial con la anatomía... mucho dinamismo , emoción , ciencia ficción y drama. y claro las escenas sexuales estan buenisimas. Para mí es uno de los mejores yaoi que he leido , simplemente emocionante.

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