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* * * * *   September 27, 2010
Reviewer: Monica

Welcome back to Shoei High School, where both the Student Council and Events Organizing Committee are getting ready to spend a few days together in order to make plans for the rest of the school year. Imagine both “Worlds” collide!! The craziness continues in Volume 3 where few new characters are introduced. My favourites are Aki Suzushiro, the feminine Student Council Athletics Chief and Yoshinori Ikegami, the manly Student Council Culture Chief. The idiom “Never judge the book by its cover” pops up a number of funny moments here. ^___^ This story also follows up Kurashina and Asano “romance” with playful Kouki added in this little love triangle. As an additional treat, we get a sort of “Daddy Long Legs” story about little freshman Dai Murosawa. Honestly it’s just as cute as the Haruka’s first date in volume 2. I am a little disappointed this time as there is not much development between the main characters YET, except for the little smooch. _____ . To me it’s the supporting characters that pick the story up with moe “performances” in this volume. From yakisoba bread to a peep photo, this “Doodles” Kurashina Sensei Wallpaper is my MUST READ column! Mahiro’s footnote is excellent as usual with the author’s after-thoughts completes the Volume 3. However, it’s not a 5 star compare to its first volume but this boy love story is enough to keep me around for Volume 4

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