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* * * * *   August 18, 2009
Reviewer: puck

I adore this "ink" and have guarded my bottle closely ever since I had the good fortune of picking it up in Tokyo. It is actually not an "ink" but closer to gouache in consistency, with better flow. It's opaque in one application and does not yellow with age! Finally I can do all those white-over-black techniques properly.

* * * * *   July 18, 2008
Reviewer: Brandy_blah blah

this is the only white ink i buy. its not too thick but it does not run and it covers up with only one application. very good ^^ _3

* * * * *   October 8, 2011
Reviewer: Marion, manga artist

I adore using this ink for correction on mangas or to add some details on my paintings. It is really opaque and "erases" all that black you didn't want with just one application. In contrast, you cannot use it to cover small mistakes, as it is too thick.