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* * * * *   April 25, 2007
Reviewer: Hinau

Nothing hardcore, but very very sweet and good stories (a book full of short stories). The artwork is beautiful.

* * * * *   April 28, 2007
Reviewer: Artistic.Tsuna(random yaoi obbsessed girl)

Incredibly beautiful and sweet stories. The art is gorgeous. I seriously suggest you read some of Yumeka Sumomo's other work too. I think she has another one called Single Cell Organism.

* * * * *   February 13, 2008
Reviewer: Yuuki, Yaoi Addict

Since this is not on any of the other comments, I would like to tell everyone who is interested that there are two stories in here that are NOT yaoi, that's right, Not Yaoi. They are somewhere between shoujo or shoujo... The relationship is between a guy and a girl, that's right, so if you are a hard core yaoi fan, than take that into consideration. Other than that, the art work are nice and simple. The story is very sweet and touching. Nevertheless, for a Yaoi fan, this is quite shocking, because I don't read anything not yaoi, and here is something I bought for myself as a present, and it's not yaoi. So keep this in mind when you are going to buy this

* * * * *   June 12, 2008
Reviewer: Kei

The artwork in this book is really beatiful. However it is nothing too hardcore, more like shounen-ai. I would recommend it to people to at least give it a try. It's filled with 2 very sweet stories ^^

* * * * *   March 8, 2007
Reviewer: Jacinta Raphael

One of the most beautiful boy love stories I've ever encountered. Yumeka Sumomo has a unique simplistic yet elegantly beautiful style and every page is filled with delicately depicted imagery. The story really brings the characters to life without an overabundance of words...a story of fear mixed with hope. Definitely worth buying.

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