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* * * * *   April 28, 2007
Reviewer: Shu-chan

This is a very cute manga, it makes you think and wonder what would you do if you had to leave behind someone without having the chance to tell them how you really felt about them. I think I would have done the same thing he did, but who knows. You should buy it and read it for yourself though.

* * * * *   April 4, 2007
Reviewer: Bastet-Yaoi collector

It was sweet. I usually do not like sweet, but the main character kind of reminded me of myself at that age, so I could really understand his point of views and feelings. So in all, I really liked the story and the charaters. The action is soft core(only kissing, sorry pervs) and the art is O.K. I say "Buy it."

* * * * *   March 23, 2007
Reviewer: Rage the bountyhunter/hitman

I thought this manga was awesome! The main pairing was really cute and fluffy mixed with enough drama makeing this a must read!

* * * * *   November 25, 2006
Reviewer: Batten

I really liked this manga. The main pairing is cute and fluffy, but there's enough drama to make it a good series. The only problem I had with it was how it jumped to completely different times and story points and I was like "What the-? What's going on?!" I cannot wait to read the second volume though.

* * * * *   October 29, 2008
Reviewer: Ashley, middle schooler ^0^

YAY! so im buying this manga! i heard SO many good things about from people at book stores! i also heard its going to be very dramatic! i hope so! ^_^

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