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* * * * *   March 29, 2014
Reviewer: Angela

I was very excited when this came out, and I really enjoyed it. To me, though, it felt a bit like a segue way to the rest of the story. Most of it is about their winter break, and it introduced you to Theo and Alice's respective families. The romance between Vick and Alice also seems to be blooming, slowly, in the story. But if you read La Esperanca that was very slow to bloom as well. I also want to say that the artwork is fantastic! It's like you can almost hear the music coming off the pages when Alice is playing….it's just a really well put together manga. I want to know how everyone is related and who Alice's violin teacher actually is. I bet it's going to be awesome. Other than the possible romantic relationship between two boys (don't know if anyone has an issue with this), it is a very tame, very cute story thus far!

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