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* * * * *   October 27, 2010
Reviewer: Kimi-Chan

Volume two ratchets up the laughs as the poor naïve Kurashina once more finds himself running around in circles. We do get to see him in possession of himself at the front of the classroom (briefly), but once away from the chalkboard, he is out of his depth. There may only be a few years between him and the students he is working with, but in many ways they are wiser, and perhaps more experienced, than he is. The contradictions he encounters between this and the times when their youth is revealed by their insecurities makes him feel even more at sea, though fond of them despite their antics. The fact that he is the one being pursued and is extremely ill at ease about it admittedly makes this a much more comfortable read than it would be otherwise. This guy is simply not a predator, nor are any of the boys his actual students taking his classes, he is just a clueless fella who checks in on the committee and signs the documents as needed. This no doubt adds to the lack of student/teacher feelings of formality by the committee members, especially when coupled with Kurashina's own youth. Asano is revealed to be actually shy and awkward about his emotions despite the confident air he normally radiates, making him a much more realistic character than one normally encounters in a somewhat frothy high school romance series. He is standing at the cusp of adulthood, just a short time away from graduation and university entrance exams, and how he handles his feelings for Kurashina (and vice versa) will no doubt impact his view on relationships ever after. Like Kurashina and Asano, though, how it all ends up is still up in the air, so we too shall have to wait and see.

* * * * *   September 27, 2010
Reviewer: Monica Lew

The Shoei High Boys are back with a more delightful story plot! ^__^ The 2nd Volume opens with Kurashina Sensei wandering aimlessly around the school shocked from the kiss at the end of Volume 1. However, he doesn’t have time pondering the matter as he is caught in the middle of a budget dispute between the Student Council and the Events Organizing Committee. As the war escalates between Mahiro-kun and Megu-chan of the Student Council, Kurashina becomes the “sacrificial lamb” in a battle of exams and later a basketball event between both Presidents. Who will win Kurashina Sensei, the SC or the EOC?! ^__* In this volume 2, we are introduced to Satomura, the Student Council President and Megu-chan, the Student Council Treasurer. Both added colours to the present story. There are also 2 bonus chapters in this volume with one about the cute childhood flashback of Takashi and Kouki and the other is Satomura’s sweet date with Haruka As usual, what is life in school without the Student Council poking into the Events Organizing Committee affairs?! The volume 2 is blended with the right mix of comedy and drama without the cliché boredom shown in other School story type series. No complains on the translation as it is just as good as the first volume. What’s more, we have the hilarious footnote of Mahiro the Scrooge I can’t wait for its next volume to flesh out more of both the new and old characters lives.

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