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* * * * *   November 13, 2009
Reviewer: FujoshiFan

Two very cute stories in one book! There is just the right amount of angst in this one to pull the story along. ^_^ Also beautiful artwork by Invisible Love's author, Rie Honjyo. There are plenty of steamy scenes in this one. And a little bit of a love triangle throne into the mix too.

* * * * *   September 28, 2010
Reviewer: 2old4yaoi

Beneath Aoto’s calm façade, he feels as if he was drowning in despair on the inside. His parents passed away when he was little and most recently, his only sister was killed in a traffic accident as well. He is left alone to live with his kind and handsome brother-in-law, Takashi, with whom he is in love but this feeling made him feel very ashamed and guilty. Into this awkward situation walked Takashi’s best friend, Masayuki who is determined to make Aoto his. Will Masayuki be able to save Aoto from his despair and confusion? The second story is about Aoto’s friend, Akira, whose look and hair style made him a popular target for fight with punks from other high schools. However, one of these altercations might have turned into love. The second story is cute but I like the main story about Aoto best. I like Aoto’s character who is innocent and yet frank and assertive enough to hold his own fort against the much older potential lovers. Love Skit also showcases the beauty of Rie Honjoh’s art. Her characters are so beautifully drawn with such clean, elegant lines. She even makes those hot, graphic bedroom scenes seem somewhat tasteful. I would recommend this title to any yaoi fan looking for a slice of life story with a sweet “May-December” romance and beautiful characters. It is definitely my most favorite Rie Honjoh’s work licensed in US so far.

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