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* * * * *   September 28, 2010
Reviewer: 2old4yaoi

In “Little Butterfly”, optimistic Kojima diligently seeks to befriend Nakahara, his reserved classmate who was considered as an outcast because he always prefers to be alone. It is heart- warming to see all the efforts the kind hearted Kojima did to break Nakahara's reserve & bring him into the social circle of their school friends. No one could have made a better friend than Kojima who stood steadfastly by Nakahara despite being exposed to all his family troubles: unrealistic expectations from demanding parents, an uncaring father & a mentally unstable mother. Nakahara could not help but fall in love with someone as cute, kind & sweet with Kojima who showed him what a normal, harmonious family life can be and alleviate his loneliness. However, while Nakahara is quick to recognize his love for his little savior, Kojima is less sure & much slower to realize he might feel the same way about Nakahara. Can a friendship to turn into an emotional & physical love between two boys? I love the characters development in this book and the sweet, easy yet absorbing way the stories unfold. This book is a must read for anyone who is a romantic at heart! I personally feel it should be staple in the collection of any Yaoi fan girl out there who demands a good story accompanying a great art. I am so glad that June has decided to reprint the whole 3 volumes into a single omnibus. The omnibus is solely June's initiative and June did an awesome job of it! I love the 6 pages color insets in the book. The translation is good, the printing clear, binding tight, more convenient and cheaper to be able to read the whole story in one book.

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