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* * * * *   October 17, 2006
Reviewer: Shoji

This is one DMP title that I have been looking forward to since I learned that Digital Manga had picked up on the license and ever since one of my friends introduced me to the anime. What isn’t there to like about this title? You have guys that look better than girls in and out of dresses, guys willing and not willing to cross-dress, and so much chaos you won’t be able to stop laughing. Attending an all boys school isn’t what Tohru Kouno expected at all. Tohru transferred to this school two months into the start of the school term for some unknown reasons and the warm welcome that he received was completely unexpected. With unexpected twists and the bits of knowledge Tohru gets about the school, he soon finds himself chosen and lured to be one of the school’s Princesses. As Princesses, Tohru and the other princesses, Shihoudani and Mikoto, must cross-dress in elegant looking dresses made in the Gothic Lolita fashion created my the over eccentric Natashou. While in their dresses, they must attend the schools sports and clubs events and cheer them on. I cannot remember the last time I have enjoyed a manga this much. This is one of the few manga that I have been unable to put down once I started reading it. In just about every page I found myself laughing at what was going on around the main characters. If anything, this is a great read to see how these three guys act and react to the idea of cross-dressing when most people consider cross-dressing a taboo. My favorite character has to be Mikoto just because of his defiance to the princess system and the teasing that he gets from Shihoudani (My favorite line is when Shihoudani is kidding about hating Mikoto and then seeing Mikoto’s reaction to it). If I had to identify myself with one of these three characters I think I would be Mikoto because I know I would object with the whole princess system especially when I would have to go out in public dressed like that but would do so because it is my duty. Who knows cross-dressing might be fun (I think I’ve found my next idea for my cosplay and Halloween costume). --Shoji

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