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Moe Moe Seii Taishogun Enclyclopedia
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Moe Moe Seii Taishogun Enclyclopedia

Product ID: #9784861461934
Japan's most imposing historical figures - moe style!
The Eagle Publishing team is back with another entry in the Moe Moe Encyclopedia series! This time, the shoguns that ruled Japan get the "moe" treatment. Featuring the work of over 40 illustrators, this book profiles Japan's leaders from the early Kamakura Period until the Meiji Restoration, showcasing the leaders as cute girls instead of the battle-hardened figures you may be familiar with. Add in a rich look at the era in which these famous leaders lived, and you have a volume that's perfect for moe fans and history buffs alike!

Author: Seii Taishogun Soran Team
Format: Softcover, 7.3” x 5.1”
ISBN: 9784861461934
Publisher: © Eagle Publishing, 09/24/2010

192 pages, Full Color
Japanese text

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