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* * * * *   July 9, 2010
Reviewer: Allison

Really good but beware of the naked lady on the back and the inner cover and some pages, suprised me when I got in the mail, so be careful. Considered yourself warned. :/

* * * * *   December 9, 2009
Reviewer: chocoabuddha

This is probably THE BEST "how to draw manga" type book I've come across of ALL TIME. And at this sale price, this is a steal! I bought it for full price and am still super super happy. If you're looking to become a professional manga-ka, this book is a must have. The step-by-step guides are by actual Japanese published manga-ka (some extremely popular ones too, like the one from the cover). There's a practice guide to using traditional inking media, you will get better, FAST, and the personal interviews are really helpful. What's great about this book is that the art-style of the artists is really unique, and I would consider it very good. There are a lot of "how to draw" books out there where the authors themselves are a little questionable when drawing themselves. Don't expect anything like that here. The example technique here is almost flawless, and the product comparison charts are really helpful for those of us who don't have a local manga supply store nearby (it saves time!). This book is for: serious, focused, intermediate-advanced drawers who are looking for a book to teach them how to "Pen & Ink" like it says (don't expect something like circles teaching you how to draw heads, or how to draw hands etc.). The traditional products and interviews are just an added bonus. You will improve drastically if you follow the "month plan" they provide for you in the back, and it is literally like having your own manga class at home (please don't take me lightly here). ATTENTION!!!!!!!! Comikers-Japan has published more books to this series for coloring (Acrylics, Ink, & Marker) I have asked Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) if they plan to translate the other books to English, and they told me because there is a LACK OF INTEREST, they will not be translating the rest of these books. What a sad thing! Tell DMP that if they translated the books from Japanese to English that you would purchase them. If the other books are just as phenomenal as this one, we can't miss out on it! Don't let a language barrier stop you from improving your drawing. PLEASE!!

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