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Heroes Are Extinct! Vol. 02 (GN)
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Heroes Are Extinct! Vol. 02 (GN)

Product ID: #9781569707937

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Sent by the Bazue Empire to conquer Earth, the Grand General Cassiel should know what it means to be a hero. Or does he? A dreamer through and through, Cassiel insists that heroes must look cool, be able to cut skyscrapers in half, and defend values like honor and justice a rather idealistic view, to say the least. You Nitwit! Heroes are Extinct! is at once a humorous parody full of heart and a personal drama about the nature of dreams and reality. After all, is it really about the capes, explosions, and fancy costumes or the person underneath the mask?

Author/Artist: Ryoji Hido
Manufacturer: Digital Manga Publishing
ISBN: 1569707936
ISBN-13: 9781569707937
200 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 8.25
Age 13+
Release Date: October, 2007

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