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Family Complex (GN)
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Reviewer: Miki

this manga is very funny, I hope you will have it in stock in the future

Family Complex (GN)

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Akira Sakamoto's family sure is different. His mother is as pretty and young-looking as a shojo manga character. Hi9s father is the study-hard pretty-bishonen type. Akira's elder brother shines like a top model. Sis elder sister looks like a pretty boy and is adored by the other girls at her school. And even his little sister is as cute as a doll.

No matter where they go, the Sakamoto family gathers everybody's attention and admiration, making things all the more painful for Akira. Because next to them, he pales in comparison and looks just like an ordinary person. Poor Akira has an ugly duckling complex, and his oblivious family isn't helping!

Japanese title: Family Complex
Volume: 1

*Side Story to Princess Princess and The Day of Revolution

Author/Artist: Mikiyo Tsuda, Mikiyo Tsuda
ISBN: 1569707715
ISBN-13: 9781569707715
Manufacturer: Digital Manga Publishing
192 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 8.5
Age 13+
Release Date: January, 2008

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