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Enchanter Vol. 01 (GN)
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Reviewer: Erica

An under-appreciated manga, Enchanter is a great shonen action story comparable to Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach. The story is funny and light in tone, but despite that, readers can already see in the first volume that the story development will be building in the volumes to come. The only reason I give this book 4 stars is that the cover is not very appealing and that readers will have to wait until the plot thickens. Overall a great read for shonen fans!

Enchanter Vol. 01 (GN)

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Fulcanelli is an "Enchanter," an ancient engineer/alchemist who is able to imbue the weapons and gadgets he constructs with magical powers. Transformed into a demonic being after his death, he is always accompanied by his demon lover Eukanaria. Due to circumstances still unknown, his is in need a new body. Until one can be found, Eukanaria must guard the pendant containing his soul from the many demonic forces that wish to obtain his great power for their own. In the present day, Haruhiko Kanou is an ordinary boy good with machines and nursing a crush on his science teacher and neighbor Yuki Fujiwara. Little does he know he is Fulcanelli's perfect double and Eukanaria has tracked him down... Author/Artist: Izumi Kawachi ISBN: 1569708665 184 pages Dimensions: 5 7/8" x 8 1/4" Age 16+ Release Date: July 1, 2006 SRP: $12.95

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