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* * * * *   December 2, 2009
Reviewer: Maggie, an obsessive L fangirl

Just finished reading this. And trust me, it is worth it. A great read. Not "fanfic-written" as one might think when seeing that is an "alternative ending" novel. The cover art is amazing, and the story is action-packed, comedy-filled, lovable L goodness! I suggest not buying it online; buy it in B&N or Borders because there is no wait, and there is no shipping and handling fee.

* * * * *   October 25, 2010
Reviewer: jaygirl942

Hi, I'm a teenage Death Note freak who has bought and read the book without watching the Movie first. While the translation wasn't the best with the odd spelling mistake (and writing L's name wrong, might I add) I can't help but like it. While I might not agree that the character the author write is at all like the character Ohba-sensei created in the original manga series I happen to find the ending satisfactory and sweet. If you're English, you might find the book in stores at WH Smiths (where I recieved my copy). The cover art is beautiful and while a tad expensive in stores (I got mine for thirteen pounds) and online, I find the art itself is worth the money.

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