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* * * * *   July 29, 2009
Reviewer: Jad Ardat

This is simply the BEST paper you could get. Especially for inking and coloring with markers. It is ultra smooth, super cheap, and very high quality! I highly recommend this paper also if you color with copic markers! Very good paper!!!

* * * * *   March 7, 2010
Reviewer: SiSero

hello there! my name is Lizbeth, i'm a published American mangaka and I've used this paper for my manuscripts (manga pages. it is absoluuutely remarkable! :D around the edges of the paper are light blue measurements that seriously come in handy when using a ruler to ink out your panels, and the blue measurements do NOT show up when your pages are printed! i highly recomend this paper to anyone looking for the best paper they can find for their comics!

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